Prayer Dress

Prayer Dress

Turkey is a crucial country in textile market. As many sellers know, the highest quality fabrics are manufactured in Turkey. Our company, Oulabi Mir, is settled in Turkey. We manufacture different kinds of dresses such as pajamas, fancy dresses, underwear and prayer dresses using those fabrics made in Turkey. Our company serves its customers in wholesale marketing industry. 

Prayer dresses play an important role in daily life for women. Prayer dresses have become trendy for about a decade and they are very important in women’s life for making time for themselves. Women can use prayer dresses at work, at home, during holiday etc. Prayer dresses are easy to put on and take off so women can find more free time for other activities.

We design and manufacture muslim prayer dresses for girls and women.

We have the capacity to meet the local and global needs through providing our factories with the advanced manufacturing and modern machines.

In order to buy or distribute our products you can request an offer. 

As a manufacturer company we promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.


  • Capacity

    Oulabi mir Textile produces with up to date computerised industrial machines. Oulabi mir Textile exports clothing, with more than 100 employees and 5.000 square meters of area which includes 3.000 square meters of indoors work space. Using state of art sewing machines Oulabi mir Textile has a capacity of producing 1 000,000 pcs Per Month.

  • World-Wide Export

    Apparel Stock for all traders, wholesale fashion clothes suppliers and brand clothing...

  • Sampling & Custom Designed Manufacturing

    Sample Studio Oulabi-mir can create your samples from your designs, specification sheets and ...